Avis Downloads

The downloads listed here are for the latest stable version of the Avis event router (1.2.2): see the Avis Sourceforge download page for unstable and older releases.

After you've downloaded the router, you may want to look at the installation guide.


The installer packages contain precompiled Avis binaries packaged for various platforms. They contain the Avis router and the ec and ep utilities for consuming and producing Elvin notifications from the command line.


The source distribution contains the Avis Java source, plus the scripts needed to build it and pre-built .JAR files.

Avis Client Libraries

The Avis client libraries provide an API for programming clients that use an Elvin router. See the client library page for downloads and further information.


You can get the latest Avis development stream from:


To get a released version of the router:


To get a released version of the client library: