package org.avis.client.examples;

import org.avis.client.Elvin;
import org.avis.client.GeneralNotificationEvent;
import org.avis.client.GeneralNotificationListener;

 * This is the receiver part of the "wall" example. In this
 * example, one or more "wall" broadcasters send typed characters from
 * the console to zero or more wall receivers.
 * See the documentation in "doc/examples.txt" for instructions on how to
 * use the Avis examples.
public class WallReceiver
  public static void main (String [] args)
    throws Exception
    Elvin elvin = 
      new Elvin (System.getProperty ("elvin", "elvin://localhost"));
    elvin.closeOnExit ();
    // receive wall messages with an integer Typed-Character field
    elvin.subscribe ("From == 'wall' && int32 (Typed-Character)");
    elvin.addNotificationListener (new GeneralNotificationListener ()
      public void notificationReceived (GeneralNotificationEvent e)
        System.out.print ((char)e.notification.getInt ("Typed-Character"));
    System.out.println ("Listening for Wall messages...");
    System.out.println ("Hit Ctrl+C to exit.");
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